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Cosmetic Emulsions

Discover the game-changing realm of cold processed emulsions in cosmetic formulation!

This webinar recording is your gateway to revolutionize your product development while contributing to sustainability. Learn how this cutting-edge technique elevates your formulations and minimizes energy consumption, making your cosmetic production more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Robin Lucke, Application Technologist, ProXES Technology GmbH

Robin Lucke

Application Specialist & Technologist
ProXES Technology GmbH

Robin Lucke is an experienced Process Technologist with a background as a Process Engineer. With five years of experience at ProXES, he specializes in the commissioning of vacuum processing equipment worldwide. His role includes process development, optimization and troubleshooting, and his expertise spans various industries including food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. In particular, he specializes in emulsification and homogenization, conducting feasibility studies and driving process development.

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