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Innovative wet grinding technology

We are pleased to announce the recording of our plant-based drinks' webinar. This webinar will provide you with an insightful exploration of plant-based beverage production, with a focus on innovative wet milling technology.

Our experts will explore the intricate manufacturing processes and production systems behind vegan beverages, including soy, oat, rice, and almond milks. Special attention will be paid to our latest achievement in this field: the MD Disc Mill.

This innovative technology increases efficiency and promotes sustainability, making your production process more environmentally friendly.

Good to know

Read a short article about the challenges in the production of plant-based drinks.

Mathias Thietke, Technical Expert

Mathias Thietke

Technical Expert

Mathias has been working in the corporate world since 2011 and completed a dual degree in mechanical engineering. He currently works as a technical expert and product manager for FKA Equipment. His expertise includes extensive experience in sales as well as in the planning and design of production lines. As an application expert, he supports sales and offers consulting and training both internally and externally. He has also successfully managed various development projects as a project manager.

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